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Named "hallo hütte" is a plant-based creative studio in Taipei, Taiwan, specializing in the creative expression of green plants. 
We not only combine it with home life, but also introduce well-known pots from all over the world. Continue to share the wonderful experience of growing plants.


名為“hallo hütte”是一家位於台灣台北的植物創意品牌,專注於表達綠色植物的創意可能性。我們不僅將植物與家居生活結合,更引進來自世界各地的園藝周邊品與盆器增添綠植豐富度。 期望為在地園藝圈提出更多關於綠植進入⽣活的提案,為質感⽣活帶來新⾯貌。