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SPROUT 不限數量免運 , 指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取免運優惠 ,滿 NT$2999 即享宅配超取免運優惠 (不包含限定商品)

SPROUT 不限數量免運

指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取 免運優惠

SPROUT 不限數量免運 , 指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取免運優惠 ,滿 NT$2999 即享宅配超取免運優惠 (不包含限定商品)

SPROUT 不限數量免運

指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取 免運優惠

SPROUT 不限數量免運 , 指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取免運優惠 ,滿 NT$2999 即享宅配超取免運優惠 (不包含限定商品)


→Various planters, including outdoor floor-standing planters and indoor tabletop planters.

→Planters in different sizes, colors, materials, and brands.

→Demonstrations of unique potting methods for various plants to inspire your creativity.

→Thoughtfully selected modern and garden-style planters.

→Professional advice and guidance for the best plant and planter combinations based on different plants and settings.

We will teach you how to use planters and provide suitable plant recommendations. Whether you are a plant enthusiast, a designer, or a commercial space planner, you are welcome to explore a variety of plant arrangement methods. We look forward to your visit!








To ensure the healthy growth of every plant and make them a vibrant part of your home, the quality of soil and growing space is crucial.

We offer a "REPOTTING" service, including:
→ Soil and Pot Assessment: Understanding your plant's environmental requirements and providing suitable soil formulations.

→ Horticultural Care: Trimming roots, fertilizing, spraying, pest control, plant division, and leaf care.

→ Pot Selection: Choosing appropriate pots based on different space configurations and plants, along with pot accessories like potting media and drainage pads.

→ Maintenance Advice and Online Support: Ensuring the robust growth of your plants.

→ Additionally, our store displays a variety of pots from brands we represent and import.

Don't worry if you're not familiar with pots; we have a deep understanding of our pot products, and we're here to help you create a perfect habitat for your green plant family.

→土壤與盆栽評估: 瞭解您的植物環境需求,提供適合的土壤配方。

→園藝整理: 修剪根系、施肥、灑藥、除蟲、植物分株、擦葉等。

→盆器選擇: 根據不同空間配置與植物,選擇合適的盆器,並且提供盆器配件(鋪面介質與排水墊片)。

→養護建議與線上服務: 確保您的植物茁壯成長。



Your dedicated "Green Plants Caretaker" will provide on-site services.

→ With changing seasons and the need for long-term maintenance, including changes in your environment and commercial space style, we have turned our attention to plant care.

→ We introduce the "Green Plant Care Butler" service, suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, whether in residential or commercial spaces.

→ The service includes on-site repotting, planting new greenery, arranging placements, and comprehensive plant care tailored to your specific requirements.

→ Whether or not you have made purchases from our nursery, we are your green plant care butler, providing you with convenient service so you can enjoy it all right where you are.

Schedule a visit from our Green Plants Caretaker now: LINE @864lyusn.





立即安排訪問我們的綠植養護管家:LINE @864lyusn


We offer a unique workshop filled with greenery tailored to your needs. Our exclusive plant courses are designed to provide you with a hands-on experience at our greenhouse. Whether you're a company or an individual looking for a vibrant and green setting for your plant-related activities, we can create the ideal environment for you. Feel free to contact us anytime and let us help you create a lush and green space.




Unlock Exclusive Discounts as a Distribution Partner!
We specialize in providing imported planters for professional plant enthusiasts such as plant stylists, interior designers, commercial space planners, and horticultural and floral home stores. Whether you operate online or offline, manage a corporate procurement department, or work as a freelance contractor, we've got you covered. At The Greenhouse, our love for plants knows no bounds. We meticulously curate the most exquisite planter brands from around the world, offering them to you at the most favorable prices with top-notch service, all while helping you save costs. No matter where you are in Taiwan, we can deliver to your doorstep, with warehousing pickup points in Southern Taiwan (Kaohsiung) and a showroom in Taipei. To learn more, please feel free to visit us and leave your contact details. Our distribution partners will get in touch with you on LINE:@372njtvw