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SPROUT 不限數量免運 , 指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取免運優惠 ,滿 NT$2999 即享宅配超取免運優惠 (不包含限定商品)

SPROUT 不限數量免運

指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取 免運優惠

SPROUT 不限數量免運 , 指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取免運優惠 ,滿 NT$2999 即享宅配超取免運優惠 (不包含限定商品)

SPROUT 不限數量免運

指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取 免運優惠

SPROUT 不限數量免運 , 指定商品 購買 滿 NT$1199 享 超取免運優惠 ,滿 NT$2999 即享宅配超取免運優惠 (不包含限定商品)


Soil Replacement (換土): Typically, plants need to have their soil replaced periodically because the original soil may become too compacted, lose nutrients, or is no longer suitable for the plant's growth. Repotting involves removing the plant from its existing soil, discarding the old soil, and filling the plant's container with new, nutrient-rich soil.

Pot Replacement (換盆): Sometimes, a plant's roots may outgrow its current pot or the pot may have become damaged or unsuitable. Transplanting involves moving the plant to a new pot to better accommodate its growth.

This service is typically provided by professional horticulturists or plant care experts. Repotting and transplanting can help plants maintain healthy growth, ensuring they receive adequate nutrients and space. Additionally, it contributes to the aesthetics of indoor or outdoor spaces, making the plants look more appealing.


"換土換盆" 服務是一種為植物提供的服務,通常用於室內或室外的盆栽植物。這項服務涉及以下步驟:

更換土壤(換土): 通常,植物需要定期更換土壤,因為原來的土壤可能變得過於壓縮、失去養分或不再適合植物的生長。換土是指將植物從原有的土壤中取出,清除舊土壤,並用新的富含養分的土壤填充植物的容器。

更換花盆(換盆): 有時植物的根系可能變得太大,不再適合原本的花盆,或者花盆可能已經破損或不再適用。換盆是指將植物移植到一個新的花盆中,以便更好地容納植物的生長。


To ensure the healthy growth of every plant and make them a vibrant part of your home, the quality of soil and growing space is crucial.

We offer a "REPOTTING" service, including:

Soil and Pot Assessment: Understanding your plant's environmental requirements and providing suitable soil formulations.

Horticultural Care: Trimming roots, fertilizing, spraying, pest control, plant division, and leaf care.

Pot Selection: Choosing appropriate pots based on different space configurations and plants, along with pot accessories like potting media and drainage pads.

Maintenance Advice and Online Support: Ensuring the robust growth of your plants.

Additionally, our store displays a variety of pots from brands we represent and import. Don't worry if you're not familiar with pots; we have a deep understanding of our pot products, and we're here to help you create a perfect habitat for your green plant family.

→ 土壤與盆栽評估: 瞭解您的植物環境需求,提供適合的土壤配方。

→ 園藝整理: 修剪根系、施肥、灑藥、除蟲、植物分株、擦葉等。

→ 盆器選擇: 根據不同空間配置與植物,選擇合適的盆器,並且提供盆器配件(鋪面介質與排水墊片)。

→ 養護建議與線上服務: 確保您的植物茁壯成長。